Air & Electronic Gauge

P jet Dial Type Air Gauge Unit

Model Name-P jet Dial Type Air Gauge Unit
Least Count-0.001 mm
Range -+/-40 um

Dial Type Air Gauge Unit

The new air saver can easily pay for itself in a short time. Measurement with air is still a very stable and accurate way to inspect parts. Instead of having the air supply on continuously, the air saver can control when and how long the air will remain on. It will automatically time out or shut off the air when the gauge is not being used. You can connect this instrument to your existing air gauge unit.

Model 1A gives most economical solution to inspection needs
High speed of response and self cleaning of gauging area ensures accurate reading of parameters
High accuracy and linearity
Non-contact gauging so, no or minimum frictional wear
Requires Two setting masters for correct linear setting
Minimum line pressure requires 4.5 bars
Air consumption 50 LPM
Air Saver unit can be attached
Range: ±0.040mm
Least Count: 0.001mm


LVDT Half Bridge Probes | Spring Push AX/S
Displacement transducer measuring ranges ±0.25, ± 0.5, ± 1, ± 1.5, ± 2,5, ± 5, ± 10 mm
Linearity better than 0.5% of measurement
Repeatability precision better than 0.05 µm
Range of contact sensor tips for different applications
Spring actuation
Standard contact sensor tip force of 0.7 N (options available)
IP65 sealing (fully sealed options available)
Inductive sensors with excellent side load capability
Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) or Half Bridge options

Air gauge & Electronics Gauging display

*Seven segment


*Bar graph display

*Graphical display

*Analog dial type

Air & Air-Electronic Gauge

*Resolution- 0.0001 mm/0.001 mm

*Internal memory

*Internal Memory Storage

*Ethernet Output

*RS232 Data Input

*Air Saver Control

*Connectivity to USB Flash Drive

*Piezo Transducer;Non-Moving Parts, Long Life

*Fast response.

*Easy To Calibrate.

*Simplified menu