*Air Plug Gauge and Air Ring Gauge

*Thread Plug gauge and Ring Gauge

*Plain Plug Gauge and Ring

*Snap Gauges

Master Setting Rings

Steel and Carbide
Cylindrical plain ring gauges are used to check outside diameters of parts as well as for mastering measuring instruments. Plain ring gauges are used to set electronic bore gauges, air gauges, internal micrometers and length measuring instruments. The go ring gauge is used to verify the high limit of the part and the no-go plain ring gauge is used to verify the low limit of the part.

Manufacturing Range:

  • Plain Ring Gauges 3 mm to 150 mm
  • Blank Design IS-3485/DIN 2250 C /ANSI B47
  • Gauging Practice :- as per IS3455 ass. X as per ASME B89.1.5

Plain Plug Gauge

Steel and Carbide
Cylindrical plain plug gauges are used for gauging hole sizes to determine if the hole is within the upper and lower limits of the tolerance. The GO gauge is used to verify the low limit. The not go gauge is used to verify the upper limit. The correct use of Go and No Go gauges eliminates the requirement of complex and expensive measuring instruments. The inspector only has to verify whether the gauge is entering or not entering the inside diameter of the part.

Reversible :
Reversible plain Plug Gauges 0.5 mm to 25.65 mm

Taper Lock:
Taper lock Plain Plug Gauges 3.00 mm to 40.00 mm as per DIN/IS/ISO

Type Plain Plug gauges 19 mm to 150 mm as per ANSI/IS/DIN std.
Blank Design IS 6137 /DIN 2250/ ANSI B47
Gauging Practice as per IS 3455 Class. X as per ASM E B89.1.5

Measuring Pins

Steel and Carbide
High Precision Custom Built Pin Sets to suit Customer specified size ranges and incremental steps for use in quality control or checking/setting measuring instruments. The number of pins in a set can range from 6 to 250.

The pins are produced to IS 11103-1984 and supplied in a high quality wooden box or cabinet. Gauge life and dimensional stability are guaranteed based on well proven manufacturing processes and a robust quality management system.




Width Gauge

To check Key way slot & depth