*Total Runout


*Match Gauging

* Cd, Bend, Twist

  • Multi Gauging Systems & Automation Solutions: Offers customized semi-automatic/ automatic gauging solutions for measurement of mechanical parameters like Diameter (ID & OD)/ Bore Taper measurement/ Bore Ovality/ Bore to Face squareness/ Bore Center Distance/ Concentricity of bore to bore or ID to OD/ Run out of OD with respect to ID/ Flatness measurement/ length measurement & Special requirements……
  • Multiple parameters measured in one machine within few seconds.
  • Date Storage with respect to part serial number & export further for SPC analysis & reporting.
  • Integration solutions provided for 2d Laser scanner, Conveyor & material handling systems, robots, gantry systems, component feeders, laser marking machines, machine vision systems, etc.
  • Machine offset correction.

Our Expertise:

*Cylinder block, *Cylinder Head, *Crank shaft, *Crank case, *Housing, *Transmission shaft, *Gear shifting, *Rocker Arm *Shaft.